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Letters / Clan chief Skene

I write in some confusion. I believe that the Shetland and Orkney SNP candidate, by his own admission at a recent hustings, is unwilling to talk about his personal background, and will say only that he “comes from Dundee”.

I now understand from the website that Mr Skene is “Present Chief. Representer of the Feudal Baronial House of Skene of Skene. Chief of the Name and Arms of Skene.” And indeed is an old boy of that fine institution, Eton College.

I am embarrassed, as having met The Baron Skene, chief of his clan, on various occasions, I have failed, miserably, to drop to one knee and make suitable obeisance to his elevated lordship. I hope he will forgive this and from now on make plain his privileged position, so that we humble folk may treat him with the awe he so clearly deserves.

He is third on this list: 

Tom Morton