Letters / Step up to the plate

As many readers are already aware I am a supporter of the Viking Energy project, but I would like to put this to one side for this letter.

Surely the time has come for the Charitable Trust to sit down and resolve this on going issue on Viking Energy.

Being trustees they have been entrusted with looking after the money which was paid by the oil industry to Shetland as a way of compensating the “people” for the inconvenience of having the terminal based in Shetland.


I have no doubt the trustees are aware of this, but at times looking in from the outside you would have to wonder.

The time has come for all trustee to step up to the plate and embrace their responsibilities, make their decision based on the good of the trust and the good of the people of Shetland; all trustees must give a Yes, No or Abstain.

Walking out of the fourth such meeting on the further investment into Viking Energy does not help man nor beast; a conclusion is desperately needed.

If the trustees cannot fulfill their obligations due to conflict of interest then the time has come for radical changes to the charity and the people “entrusted” with looking after it.

Craig Johnson