Letters / Get your facts right

Yesterday I read a statement issued by Sustainable Shetland. “Finally” they have mentioned the Total gas processing plant and I found it very interesting.

“Mr Halcrow also said that together with the interconnector the cost of Viking would be around £1 billion – twice the cost of Total’s gas plant at Sullom Voe.”

The reason I found this statement interesting was because I have been doing my “sums” again.

The capital project cost of the Laggan Tormore project will be £2.5 billion.

Yes the contract awarded to Petrofac was £500 million to build the processing plant, but there is also £2 billion being spent on drilling, well completion, tie back and pipe laying.

The whole project is more than double Viking Energy’s wind farm plus interconnector.

I do hope they get their facts and figures right before they present their case to the judges.

Craig Johnson