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Politics / Carmichael speaks up for EU citizens’ rightsGovernment should reconsider Settled Status process
Letters / Campaigning against his own act?
Politics / Carmichael: Time for Theresa May to step aside after historic Brexit vote defeatSIC leader Coutts: uncertainty for community continues
Letters / Campaigning to kill Brexit
Politics / Carmichael reacts to Brexit vote postponement
Letters / Carmichael one of the Brexit saboteurs
Viking Energy - Viking Wind Farm and the Shetland HVDC Transmission Link
Politics / Carmichael to vote against ‘the deal no one wanted’Brexit deal not in the national interest, MP says
Politics / Brexit survey triggers calls for people’s referendumA SURVEY showing only one third of Shetlanders would vote for Brexit if given the chance to vote again has strengthened the case for a referendum re-run, according to some isles politicians.
Worries over roll-out of Universal CreditNORTHERN Isles MP Alistair Carmichael has warned that the roll out of the government’s new Universal Credit benefit will not address in-work poverty, amid growing concerns there will be far more losers than winners under the new system.
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