By-Election 2022 - North Isles / Sonia Robertson

Name: Sonia Robertson Electoral Ward: North Isles Description: Independent

Sonia Robertson

I was born in Lerwick in 1981, the only child of Audrey and the late Tommy Robertson of Ulsta, where I have lived all my life. Educated at Aberdeen College and the Glasgow College of Nautical Studies.

My entire working life has been serving the public, through both my family business and my time working on the inter-island ferries. I’m the Managing Director of our family company, R. Robertson & Son. The experience has taught me to expect the unexpected and to be ever prepared for the next challenge.

I am standing as an independent candidate for the North Isles because I feel there is little room for national party politics at a local level. I am focused about representing the views of all islanders and want all our voices to be heard to ensure discussions result in actions.

Shetland is at a point of momentous change, there are many issues pivotal to our islands’ future growth and continued development. My core aim is to positively affect our communities, drive Shetland’s development, growth, and prosperity. Grabbing onto opportunities, making decisions for the betterment of our islands.


Inter-Island Ferries – The gateway to our islands and our Achilles heel. I will prioritise action which progresses delivery of the ferry services our islands deserve.

Fixed Links – These must become a reality! I intend to pursue real action and progression to set a date to commence construction.

Health Care – I will strive to find solutions to continually provide the health care we deserve by addressing the ongoing issues of locum doctors and agency that have become the norm in the isles.

Housing – I will campaign to see more social housing in the North Isles ward with the aim to encourage the much-needed growth of our population, help families, address staffing issues, and help our local schools continue to thrive. Our existing housing should see the urgent repairs required and much needed upgrading for energy efficiency.

Social Care – To deliver care centres and care at home services that meet the needs of those accessing the services and their families. The future of these vital services must be preserved and protected.

Environment – One of the most significant challenges of our time, this will not disappear. We must face this head on and act now by prioritising the transition to net zero.

NorthLink – I dream of a lifeline service fit for purpose, meeting our demands and those of visitors and businesses, allowing economic growth to continue unimpeded.

Economy – To encourage growth and continue the development and diversification of the private sector. By ensuring we link skill and research development in line with our economic needs we also ensure Shetland’s interests in national, regional, and external policy making are represented.

It is my desire to improve the attractiveness of Shetland as a place to live, work, study, visit and invest in by increasing the pace of innovation and the adoption of modern technologies.

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