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Election / Support for college lecturers, more on solar farms, Covid strikes

SOVEREIGNTY candidate in the Shetland Central ward Brian Nugent said was out supporting striking members of the EIS-FELA picket line at both UHI Shetland campuses earlier this week.

As a former college union secretary, he said he was showing support for “a crucial workforce in Shetland” which is offering a wide range of access, further and higher education, certification and training.

SHETLAND South independent candidate Stewart Douglas has given further details of how he envisages a community owned solar farm for the isles.

Douglas was criticised earlier in the week for suggesting that that the southend of Shetland was “left behind” in community projects.

On Friday he said that a 50MW solar farm, capable of powering 15,000 homes, has been proposed near St. Fergus in Aberdeenshire.

Given the “proven reliability and success of solar energy generation in Scandinavia and the polar regions, I would suggest it’s time to carry out a feasibility study on the merits of Shetland having its own community owned solar farm (or farms) with battery storage”, he said.

“To put this into context, Shetland has around 11,000 houses – perhaps this could be a way for us to generate ‘green’ affordable energy for many years to come,” Douglas added.

A SHETLAND Central candidate has apologised for being unable head out on the campaign trail after catching Covid.

Ian Scott said he had hoped to get out to Hamnavoe and the rest of Burra during the weekend but this will now have to wait until he has left self-isolation.