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Business / Trade union furious after more job losses at Sullom Voe Terminal

Sullom Voe Terminal has been pitched Photo: Shetland News

TRADE union Unite has hit out at multinational engineering firm Worley for announcing 27 redundancies at the Sullom Voe Terminal.

The company, which operates globally, is in charge of the gas export pipeline to the terminal.

The union is calling on Worley to furlough its workforce rather than making them redundant in the same way Bilfinger, another contractor at the oil terminal, has done.

Worley is reported to have blamed the proposed redundancies on the need to make cost savings due to the significant fall in the price of oil and by the added pressures to their business from the coronavirus pandemic.

The company could not be contacted on Thursday afternoon. The news and media section on its website does not provide telephone contact details for a company spokesperson.

Shetland News has sent a request for comment via an automated e-mailing system.

Unite regional officer John Boland described the company’s conduct as “disgraceful”.

“It’s clear that Worley is only interested in itself, and have no regard for the workforce,” he said.

“We urge the company to look at how the government scheme can be used to support the workers during this difficult time by delaying the redundancies as Bilfinger have done.

“If they don’t do the right thing then Unite will consider all actions in order to support the workforce including the possibility of lodging unfair dismissal cases on their behalf.”