Election letters 2019 / Raising the power of the individual

Firstly, could I take this opportunity to thank all those who voted for me.

Three days after a historic election there are a few obvious conclusions:

  1. After six separate instructions from the UK electorate, we are finally leaving the EU.
  2. We do not want far left policies.
  3. The climate scam is a massive loser with voters – 97 per cent of Green Party candidates lost their deposit.
  4. Ignore the will of the electorate at your peril.
  5. Scotland voted for a second referendum.

I am completely against Scottish separation on the terms of the “White Paper” of 2014 but – as a democrat – I cannot but support a second referendum. The circumstances have changed since 2014 and that needs to be recognised.


It would be irresponsible and highly damaging to hold an independence referendum immediately and until we see the results of the incoming government and the results of Brexit.

Another vote based on “what ifs” and “scaremongering” would be highly divisive. We should hold the vote in conjunction with the next general election in 2024/2025. By that time, we’ll know who’s talking nonsense.

One caveat would be; any individual, agency, public body or government engaging in “Project Revenge” (over Brexit) should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.


I hope we have finally turned the corner after 29 years of “liberal progressive” governance (which is neither) and corporatist policies, I hope the small business and the ordinary worker have escaped the crippling clutches of overregulation and the grim cost of living crisis.

I hope the days of enforced dependence are over and we give more help to those in need, I hope we’ve started raising the power of the individual over the power of the state and I hope we can see a return to objective journalism rather than activism. I hope more people can be happy.

Maybe I’m being over optimistic…

Merry Christmas.

Robert Smith
Brexit Party