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Court / Jury trial continues

THE trial has continued of a man facing two sexual assault charges on separate women in Lerwick in 2015 and 2018.

John MacLellan, 67, now of Glanford Road, Scunthorpe, but previously of Lerwick, denies the allegations.

Evidence was heard from two witnesses, and two secretly recorded audio files were played of conversations that took place between the accused and one of the complainants and her husband after MacLellan was confronted about the allegations.

The 15-strong jury also were read a transcript of an interview with MacLellan at Lerwick police station relating to the charge of sexual assault from 20 September 2015.

The second charge of sexual assault on 28 July 2018 followed a witness statement from the second complainant at Lerwick Police Station on 22 August 2018, relating to the first assault. This assault was alleged when police asked her if there was anything else she would like to add.

The trial continues on Wednesday.