General Election 2019 / David Barnard


David Barnard is standing as a single-issue candidate…..and it isn’t on Brexit. 

He neither represents nor is a member of any political party. 

The single issue that he is standing for is the ending of the monarchy. He believes that this centuries-old institution is not in line with 21st century life in the UK. We all pay through our taxes for the Royal Family. The behaviour of some members has been little short of disgraceful yet we are expected to defer to them. 

Look at the manifestos of the main political parties. The topic of finishing with the monarchy does not feature. There is no opportunity in our political life to express that ‘enough is enough’. 

David Barnard lives in Stromness. He spent most of his working life with the civil service as an accountant.  Before accountancy he was a street sweeper. Last year, he published his debut novel called Chiff Chaff set in Orkney. 

A vote for David Barnard will send a clear message from the most northerly constituency in the United Kingdom that the age of deference is well and truly over.

He believes there is no place for the monarchy in modern Britain. It is irrelevant.

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