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Letters / Slimy steps

I find it totally unbelievable that the Shetland Island Council planning department has taped off the steps at Eshaness because, according to them, they are unsafe (News round-up; SN, 5 September 2019 and Planning permission one step too far for Eshaness handrails; SN, 29 August 2019).

Are we now going to see every set of steps throughout Shetland taped off because they would all be in the same condition? In fact I know there are a lot of sets of steps in worse condition than those up north.

I think members of the council and especially the planning department should try to tackle our lanes in Lerwick on a rainy day when they (the steps) are all slimy.

Another point is; there would be more chance of slipping on damp grass than on a set of four steps with handrails both sides, so come on council, get rid of the tape and give them their planning permission.

Michael Mackay