Letters / If councillors had objected…

Recently there has been a flurry of comments and photographs on Facebook reflecting people’s horror at the Viking Energy wind farm investigation sites.

Just to remind everyone again, in December 2010 and against the SIC planning advice, councillors voted 9-3 with one abstention to support this project.

If these councillors had objected, then there would automatically have been a local public enquiry.

This would have meant the 3,474 people who petitioned these councillors against going ahead may have had a say in the project.  The SIC chose to ignore it.

In case anyone has forgotten who they were, these are the people responsible; Rick Nickerson was supported by Gussie Angus, Laura Baisley, Jim Budge, Sandy Cluness, Addie Doull, Betty Fullerton, Robert Henderson and Josie Simpson.

The onus for the devastation that this development will incur to the environment lies fairly and squarely with them.

Evelyn Morrison