Letters / Wake up and smell the fumes

On the back of a week’s worth of warnings from the world’s top climate change scientists “Sustainable” Shetland’s latest letter (Turbines would be even more out of scale; SN, 29/09/2018) couldn’t have come at a better time.

If there was ever a time to prove how out of sync they are Frank timed it perfectly.


When are the gas guzzling “Sustainable” Shetland going to wake up and smell the fumes? Experts are advising all countries to cease power generation via means of fossil fuels and reduce emissions as far as possible.

The world is seeing serious changes in weather patterns, the Thames barrier is being used double what was predicted and Scottish Power, a UK major, have just announced that all their power generation will be from renewables.

Is it just me or are SS burying their heads in the sand? What’s the point of having peaty hills to walk and great views out your living rooms at the cost of planet earth.

Sustainable Shetland are prehistoric just like their favoured fuel.

Times are changing, experts are recommending renewables, governments are driving renewables and major companies are turning to renewables.

Shetland either gets on board or gets left out. Renewables are coming.

Craig Johnson