Showcases / Expert business support when you’re ready to grow

KNOWING your business is ready to grow is one thing; putting in place a strategy to manage that expansion can often be quite another and that’s where Business Gateway’s expertise can help.

Businesses in Shetland with ambitions to grow can access a package of support from Business Gateway specially designed to help them achieve their goals.

One-to-one advice

Business Gateway’s team of expert advisers have helped numerous local businesses take their ventures to the next level by offering clear, concise, practical, and knowledgeable assistance.


Our advisers can connect you to organisations designed to specifically help you on your journey. Looking to create and develop new products, services and processes? Our team could link you with Interface to connect you to the right academic expert you need.

For manufacturers, they can link you with the Scottish Manufacturing Advisory Service to help you grow sales, reduce costs, maximise efficiency, and become more successful. For those looking to do business with Europe (and beyond), they can connect you to the Enterprise Europe Network.

Specialist support

If your business is projecting a significant level of growth over the next three years, our advisers can put you forward for potential help through our Growth Pipeline programme, giving you access to a range of specialist advisory support in areas such as strategy, market and organisational development, and investment.

But don’t worry if you don’t meet the criteria as our advisers will continue to support you, providing access to specialist advice and support in areas such as IT/ecommerce, HR, business planning, strategy and marketing where required.

David Polson of Thule Ventus.David Polson of Thule Ventus.

For those looking to improve their digital skills, the DigitalBoost programme, delivered by Business Gateway on behalf of Digital Scotland, will help you grow online. To take the digital health check and to pick up practical digital skills via online tutorials visit

Funding and access to finance

With in-depth knowledge of both local and national funding programmes, our team can talk you through the various eligibility criteria, connect you with the right people, and guide you through the application process.

Neil Henderson of Business Gateway Shetland said: “Our advisers can quickly and expertly identify which of our services will most benefit your company’s core objectives, and their knowledge and contacts can link you with individuals and organisations that can help you grow.”

Taking the plunge

For David Polson of Thule Ventus, an artisan air dried salted cod producer, being connected to the Maritime Fisheries Fund by his Business Gateway adviser helped him secure 50 per cent funding to design a website, source packaging, and brand his product. It also allowed him to buy machinery to extend his range.

Dave Williams of Mirrie Dancers. Photo: MaskotDave Williams of Mirrie Dancers. Photo: Maskot

He said: “Business Gateway’s general advice and connections linked me to the fisheries fund which provided the additional finance I needed to produce packaging and tell my story in a way that would appeal to my target market.”

Sweet smell of success

Chocolatier Dave Williams opened his first Mirrie Dancers shop in Lerwick two years ago. Its success led the former Army chef to open a second shop on Orkney last year. The expansion saw him double his production to almost 20k hand-made chocolates per month.

By working with Business Gateway, Dave was able to put in place a growth strategy to manage his success.

He said: “Business Gateway helped me plan where I want my business to be in three years’ time which helped me about how best to manage my growth and allowed me to write a business plan that will be essential if I ever want to seek potential funding or investment in the future.”

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