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Redd Up co-operation

The press was chucked out after 15 minutes to allow trustees to discuss financial and management matters behind closed doors. Photo: Shetland News

THE ORGANISERS of Da Voar Redd Up are keen to ensure that the yearly event works closely alongside a new roadside clean-up due to take place in June.

Shetland Amenity Trust chairwoman Ruth Mackenzie told trustees at its latest meeting on Friday that there had been no contact yet between the Redd Up and Da Muckle Shetland Gadderie.


The Gadderie, led by councillor Ryan Thomson, aims to clear up rubbish from roadside ditches on one day in June.

Mackenzie said the amenity trust, which oversees Da Voar Redd Up, would approach the organisers of the event soon.

However, Thomson told those present at Saturday’s Althing debate on the Dunna Chuck Bruck awareness campaign that he had already spoken to the trust’s litter campaign officer Sita Goudie and both had agreed to co-ordinate their efforts.

Members of the public and the press were only able to attend the trust’s meeting for a matter of minutes, however, before it went into private to allow trustees to discuss the organisation’s pressing financial and management matters.