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The Whalsay ferry Linga, seen here docking at Vidlin at midday on Friday, will make her last run at 2pm - Photo: Hans J Marter/Shetland News
Whalsay ferry Linga berthing at Vidlin. Photo: Shetland News

Saturday 24 December – 11.30am
Strong winds have continued through to Saturday, with widespread disruption to the inter-island ferries.

The Bluemull Sound, Bressay, Papa Stour, Skerries and Whalsay services have been suspended, while Yell is running a restricted service.

Bluemull Sound ferry service has now also been suspended. The next update will be available via voicebank no 01595 743971


On Yell Sound the last sailings for the day will be at 7.40pm from Ulsta and 8.15pm from Toft.

The Whalsay ferry Linga is going to make one final run for today (Friday) leaving Symbister at 5.45pm and returning from Vidlin at 6.30pm.

The delayed last flight from Glasgow – scheduled to depart at 11.10am – is now on its way to Sumburgh. It was airborne by 2.30pm and should arrive at Sumburgh some time before 4pm.

Meanwhile, the last flight from Kirkwall to Sumburgh, due in at 4.40pm, has been cancelled.

The Met Office has now issued an amber warning of wind for Boxing Day. Gusts of 70-80mph, locally 90 mph, are possible as storm Conor makes an appearance.

By lunchtime gusts of up to 75 mph have been measured - Image: Met Office

There is the potential of renewed disruption to ferry services and power supplies. The Met Office also warns of large waves affected coast areas.

Meanwhile, the Met office has a satellite image showing Storm Barbara sweeping across Scotland.

1.25 pm
As storm Barbara finally arrives the ferry services to Whalsay and Bressay have become her first casualties.

The SIC’s ferry services department said the 2pm service from Vidlin to Symbister will be the last run until the weather eases. The last ferry to Bressay will leave from Lerwick at 2.30pm.

Updates will be available via the Voicebank on 01595 743973 (Whalsay) and 743974 (Bressay).

Meanwhile, the Skerries service has also been cancelled and there is only a single ferry operating on Yell Sound.

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