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Letters / Fed up bowlers

Having read of the additional cost of the gym hall and the new Anderson High School, may I say thank you SIC members for not mentioning at any point or considering senior citizens who use the bowling hall along with other younger adults and children who are taught the tactful game of indoor bowls.

Having been in this age group a number of years it has been increasingly noticeable that any changes taking place within Lerwick means cutting back or taking away senior needs with a take it or leave attitude by the council.

In this case we do not like being cut back.

Schoolchildren and gym classes are supposed to be in the £56 million new Anderson High School and what school at that cost does not have its own gym hall.

So why pay another £3 million at Clickimin bowls hall?

It is not the children who are the problem, but the management system and the SIC.

I joined indoor bowling a few years ago and recently joined club evenings which got me out the house, meeting others, gave me competition and a means of keeping active.

But management and the SIC have dismissed us in one clean sweep.

I prefer meeting people in a comfortable bowls hall rather than an outdoor green, which the weather dominates.

Being reduced to two rinks with a division for a school gym hall is impossible, and who gets turned away because no room?

It has been the general feeling for a long while that management would be quite glad to have the hall mainly for functions and exhibitions, but if it is losing money then advertising and encouragement should have been in place to promote a very good indoor bowls hall.

The senior citizens are always the quick fix to problems and we are fed up with it.

To all those that return when Clickimin reopens, please remember how we feel about our leisure and team play ending.

We need the support of all the young lads who use Clickimin and even those who jokingly think you have to be old for bowls.

Finally it is interesting to wonder if Shetland will have any leisure centre in future years or just an old photo in Shetland memories.

Christine Donald