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Brae High School welcomes European visitors

Pupils from Brae High School welcoming their European visitors - Photo: Gordon Stove

PUPILS from four European countries have arrived in Shetland for a week-long exchange programme.

The 13 to 18 year old ‘young Europeans on the edge of Europe’ from Latvia, Turkey, Sardinia and Norway and are guests of Brae High School.

While in Shetland, the 28 pupils will be learning about different aspects of life in the islands, including the fishing and oil industries, knitwear and textiles, coastal walks and Up Helly Aa.

The project has been funded by the European Erasmus+ programme, which aims to encourage pupils to experience life, culture and education in different countries.

With all five schools participating in the programme being located at the fringes of Europe, pupils will explore what it means of growing up at the edge of the continent.

Brae High headteacher Colin Kirkness said the school was looking forward to a great week of activities, such as visits to the Shetland Catch fish factory, the NAFC Marine Centre, Sullom Voe Terminal, as well as attending a civic reception in the Lerwick town hall.

Council convener Malcolm Bell said: “I welcome the visit of these young people from across Europe.

“This type of youth exchange project provides a platform for innovative global education and encourages international understanding which helps to safeguard and improve all our futures.”

While in the isles, the pupils are staying with host families in the north mainland.

Pupils from Brae High have already visited some of the participating schools including in Adana, in Turkey.