NHS Shetland - Survey - March 2021

Letters / Huge effort to restore power

Can I take the opportunity to record my sincere thanks to everyone locally who played a part in the huge effort to restore electricity supplies and provide support to our customers during the sustained hurricane force storms that struck our area earlier this month.

Our team could not have responded so effectively to a weather event on this scale without the contribution of local businesses and their staff, making extra equipment and resources available. Council, NHS and emergency service professionals all worked around the clock too – to get help to wherever it was needed through some atrocious conditions.

Above all, I would like to thank our customers all over Shetland for their patience and kindness while our staff battled with the weather. I have heard many stories of hot drinks being brought out to teams while they worked. Many others checked that older or vulnerable neighbours were able to keep safe and warm. I am particularly grateful to the customers who called in to report damage to our poles and wires, which can be invaluable information for our teams in the field.

Our local staff are hugely proud to be part of the strong communities that we serve. The feedback we get from our customers is a great encouragement as we seek to improve what we do for the next time the storm clouds gather.

George Priest

Scottish Hydro Electric Power Distribution distribution operations manager

Lerwick Power Station, Gremista