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Faroese fishing boat detained

The fisheries protection vessel Hitra escorting Christian I Grotinum to Lerwick harbour on Sunday - Photo: Ian Leask

AN investigation into alleged breaches of quota regulations is under way by Marine Scotland after a Faroese pelagic trawler was detained off Shetland.

The 84 metre Christian I Grotinum was escorted to Lerwick harbour by the fisheries protection vessel Hitra on Sunday afternoon.

The vessel is berthed at Dales Voe while Marine Scotland officers carry out an investigation.

The Faroese pelagic fishing fleet is entitled to catch mackerel in EU waters but is not allowed to do so within the 12-mile zone around Shetland.

In March this year the EU brokered a controversial compromise in the four year long political row over fishing rights in the northeast Atlantic when the Faroese were awarded a 12.6 per cent share of the mackerel quota, which currently amounts to 156,000 tonnes.

At the time the deal was severely criticised by the local fishermen’s association.