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Letters / Hypocritical comment

“The media we have in Shetland is of a high standard, what most of Scotland gets is atrocious”. So states Douglas Young (‘Respecting our differences’, SN 31/8/14). What a hypocritical comment from a Yes man who somehow equates “the Cameron trip” being responsible for Shetland children walking to school on unlit roads.

How about the following headlines, Douglas:

SNP ministers last year admitted spending £202,600.14 of taxpayers’ money on “programme delivery” during the trip to Chicago. 

The First Minister’s ‘Team Scotland’ delegation to the Ryder Cup spent more than £10,000 per day. 

Alex Salmond has spent almost £1,000 of taxpayers’ money during each visit to London on a chauffeur-driven limousine to ferry him round. 

References are available, Douglas. Your observations would no doubt be amusing.

Ian Tinkler