Letters / Beasties galore

So King Rat and his Dunter acolyte have managed to squirrel away £10 million plus, with a little help from the trust lemmings in a stupid attempt of speculation with a wish to accumulate.

Sadly SIC ostriches wring their hands and in traditional way bury their heads deep in the sand doing nothing!

Pro-Viking sheep bleat, in the ovine, Orwellian sense of the word, lacking the wit to see how they have been duped by Viking Energy for so long about untold wealth, beyond even their dreams of avarice.

I and SuS parrot on, ignored by most, who appear too apathetic or just too plain stupid to care.

Clearly a case of the three wise monkeys, unfortunately the wolf in sheep’s clothing is just waiting to devour Shetland.

Sorry about all that, just food for thought in Pets Corner!

Ian Tinkler