Community council fund

SIC corporate director Christine Ferguson

SHETLAND Islands Council has said it will open its new fund for community councils and community development groups as soon as possible, perhaps as early as next month.

In February councillors voted to cut community council funding by 30 per cent, but to use the £68,000 saved to fund special projects, which they and development groups could apply to.


Last weekend community council chairmen complained that they had been left in limbo without being told anything about how the fund would work or when it would be open.

This week SIC corporate director Christine Ferguson said she understood their concerns and asked for them to be patient.

She said: “We are working at the moment to set up a scheme to deliver funding to community councils and development groups, in line with the council’s decision.

“This will inevitably take some time as we work up the criteria for the scheme. It’s important we get this right from the start.

“A report will be presented to the council later this month and at that point we can start the scheme in earnest.

“We understand and appreciate that community councils are anxious about this, and we will get this in place as soon as possible.”