Letters / The fight must go on

I have just read the news! This is a sad, sad, sad, sad day for Shetland .Very sad indeed. It will go down as one of the darkest hours in Shetland long and tortuous history.

I hope Michael Thomson and his co-conspirators whom were the instigators of the atrocity now facing Shetland are pleased with themselves. I also hope they will also not take it upon themselves to sell up and retire to foreign climes so leaving this legacy to the good Shetland folk who now have to live with this terrible decision for the next three decades.


Don’t believe all the bellicose rhetoric about the reduction in wind towers – this was only a temporary appeasement to pilot it successfully through Holyrood. Once the interconnector goes in, the floodgates will open and these wind towers will start multiplying over Shetland’s landscape – Shetland will indeed become an offshore wind farm. As the wind towers move in, the people will move out – reminds me of an certain incident in the deep and distant past.


Billy Fox and Sustainable Shetland have done stupendous and sterling work opposing this monstrosity against herculean odds. They have just relied on public donations to finance their laudable campaign as opposed to dipping into Shetland’s coffers for the odd few million when funds run dry.

In my view they have won the moral argument, but the financial and political bias they have faced has just been too much to date. Corporate companies and compliant governments are a lethal mix.


However, the fight must go on and there are still weapons in the armoury to attack these wind farm protagonists. One area that will hit them where it hurts is in the eradication of their lucrative subsidies, without which they wouldn’t be economically viable. So I suggest, if one hasn’t already done so, is to sign the following petition:


With no subsidy their raison d’etre will be severely compromised – and it just may lower electricity bills as well as protecting our natural heritage from this onslaught. I think one will find a bit more sympathy at Westminster than in Alex Salmond’s Central Region SNP government

Good luck to Billy Fox and his colleagues in taking the fight to the next level – shell-shocked maybe, but far from out.

Paul Featherstone