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Black cats seek homes

THE SHETLAND Cats Protection branch are urging people to let a black cat cross their path and enter their home.

The Tingwall-based cats home has 21 cats in its care, eight of which are pure black and a further six are black and white.

A spokeswoman said black cats take on average a week longer to find a home and cost the charity more money to look after.

She said abandoned cats in general are staying longer, and they suspect the tough economic climate is playing its part.

“Fewer cats are being adopted from us, and there may be a tendency to see black cats as less unusual so people pick out the tabbies and the gingers which catch the eye,” she said.  

“We thought that this time of year, when black cats are much talked about, would be the ideal time to encourage local cat lovers to consider giving a home to a black cat.” 

All the cats currently in care at Tingwall can be seen at www.cats.org.uk/shetland, and anyone interested in adopting can call 01595 840588.