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Emergency services round-up

POLICE IN Shetland have said that they arrested a total of six people in Lerwick in four separate incidents, during the weekend.

Three men were taken into custody for assault and causing a breach of the peace, and a 17 year old teenager was arrested for a domestic assault, all in the early hours of Sunday.

On Saturday, a 24 year old man was arrested for a domestic breach of the peace, and another 24 year old was arrested the following day for not paying a means enquiry warrant.

Reports on all these incidents will be sent to the procurator fiscal.

Police also issued a series of fix penalties for using a mobile phone while driving, not wearing a seatbelt and urinating in a public place.

Officers are asking the public to help locate two bottles of a prescribed medicine that were lost in Lerwick on Sunday. Anybody finding the medicine should return it immediately to the hospital or the police.

Meanwhile, an oil worker was airlifted from the North Cormorant oil installation, 100 miles northeast of Lerwick, on Sunday afternoon.

The ‘Jigsaw’ Bond Two search and rescue helicopter landed the woman at the Tingwall airstrip at just before 6pm, from where she was transferred to a waiting ambulance.

And the Lerwick coastguard rescue team had been called to the Mail beach, in Burra, earlier on Sunday, to assist paramedics in getting a patient off the beach.

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