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Anderson sent back to jail

A SHETLAND heroin addict was sent to jail for around eight months at Lerwick Sheriff Court after he admitted breaking into a Lerwick chalet and stealing electrical equipment and children’s toys.

Nineteen year old Scott Anderson appeared from custody on Wednesday where he had been held since his arrest for the offence at Hoofields, on 29 March.

Anderson had admitted stealing two stereos, a TV set and its stand along with a number of DVDs, CDs and children’s toys worth around £400 in total. He had taken them to feed his heroin habit, while he had been waiting to join a methadone programme.

On Wednesday the court heard that Anderson had been released from jail on 31 December, halfway through a 13 month prison sentence.

Defence agent Tommy Allan said that Anderson was clean of drugs after his time in custody, and he was keen to stay that way.

However Sheriff Graeme Napier said that he would have to serve the remainder of his previous sentence, as well as extra time for the break in.