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Addict ordered to pay back cash

A SHETLAND woman who stole a purse from an elderly and infirm woman to feed her heroin habit has been ordered to pay back the money she had stolen.

Twenty four year old Samantha Chapman, of 20 Rudda Court, Lerwick, had walked into the 78 year old woman’s home on 8 March, engaged her in conversation and then walked off with her purse.

She spent the £175 she found in cash and electricity tokens on heroin and paying off drug debts before throwing the purse in Clickimin loch. She was arrested shortly afterwards and pled guilty to theft.

On Wednesday Lerwick Sheriff Court heard that a social enquiry report into Chapman had been “positive” and that she was motivated to sort out her drug problems.

Sheriff Graeme Napier told Chapman her crime had been “despicable”. He imposed an 18 month drug treatment and testing order on her and told her she must pay her victim £200 compensation.