Coronavirus / Single Covid-19 linked death in isles in the last week

Two more test positive since yesterday

ONE MORE death involving coronavirus has been registered in the isles, figures released on Wednesday show, while there have been two more positive tests for the bug.

The total of Covid-19 deaths in Shetland now stands at six. According to the National Records of Scotland (NRS) five of the isles’ deaths occurred in care home settings with a further one in hospital.


Meanwhile, the Scottish Government confirmed that the number of confirmed cases in Shetland has risen to 53, with the majority of these people believed to have since recovered from the virus.

Director of community health and social care Jo Robinson said it was too early to say if Shetland had turned the corner yet in the fight with coronavirus, but she urged people to maintain lockdown and social distancing.

She said: “I would urge people not to get complacent especially in this fine weather when it is so good to get out and about – it is really tempting for people to meet up with friends and family but every time people do that, they increase the risk that the virus will spread further.


“In terms of strategy in hospital and care homes, we continue to follow and implement guidance from Health Protection Scotland and our local health protection and infection control teams.

Director of community health and social care Jo Robinson.

“I would like to take this opportunity to stress how grateful I am to all the staff of the community health and care partnership who continue to work tirelessly together on the front line.”

She also thanked the public for all they had done to try and limit the spread of Covid-19.


Yesterday’s (Tuesday) figures indicated that there were six patients in the Gilbert Bain Hospital with coronavirus, but by midnight that figure had dropped to below five. The statistics do not show exact numbers when the number drops to under five.

As of Sunday (19 April) there were a total of 1,616 deaths throughout Scotland since the start of the pandemic, according to the NRS.

The NRS figure includes all deaths where Covid-19 was mentioned on the death certificate either confirmed or suspected, whereas the government figures (see below) only account for those deaths where the patient has been tested.

The figures nationally show weekly numbers of recorded deaths from coronavirus at 651 – the highest weekly figure yet recorded. One third of the coronavirus linked deaths occurred in care homes, with most of the rest in hospital.

There were also more deaths from other causes, with 844 more deaths in week 16 of 2020 compared to the five-year average for the week.

As of today, 43,309 people in Scotland have been tested, with 34,271 confirmed negative and 9,038 positive, of whom 1,062 have died. This number is less than that attributable to Covid-19 in the NRS weekly report earlier today.


Royal College of Nursing, Scotland director Theresa Fyffe said: “Today’s figures again show the devastating impact this virus is having on the most vulnerable in our communities, with a third of all deaths involving COVID-19 occurring in care homes.

“Our thoughts are with those who have lost loved ones and the staff who have cared for them.

“The steps outlined by the cabinet secretary yesterday should provide additional support to Scotland’s care homes but staff on-the ground need to be assured that they will be given the resources and equipment they need, when they need it.

“The RCN has been speaking out on behalf of care home staff and residents and will continue to do so.”