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Luxury in Lerwick as The World comes to the isles

The World at Morrison Dock on Thursday morning. Photo: Chris Cope/Shetland News

THE LARGEST private residential ship in the world – where it reportedly costs up to $15 million for a three-bedroom suite – has docked in Lerwick.

The exclusive World, which has previously visited the isles, arrived in the isles on Thursday after departing from Norway.

The glamorous ship, which launched in 2002, is home to 165 residences, with people able to buy apartments on board and live in luxury on the globe’s open seas.

CNN reported last year that only people with a net worth of $10 million will be considered for purchasing property on board, and that a three-bedroom property cost $15 million.

Shetland News asked for a tour of the 644-foot ship, but the request was turned down because of the “private nature” of the boat.

Residents collectively own the ship and decide where the boat travels to round the year. Trips planned for 2018/19 include a foray through Greenland and Canada, as well as visits to Japan and South Africa.

On board facilities include swimming pools, a full-size tennis court, golf facilities and six restaurants.