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Postman Pat finds new home

The Postman Pat ride has been an iconic fixture at the Toll Clock Shopping Centre for a generation.

A LOCAL institution, at least for toddlers and their parents, is heading west to its new Hame Fae Hame in Scalloway.

The coin-operated Postman Pat ride has been on his last round in the Toll Clock Shopping Centre after receiving his P45 when it turned out that he couldn’t accept the new £1 coins.

An iconic fixture for a generation, almost everybody in Shetland of a younger age will have fond memories of having spent at least some time in the company of Postman Pat and his black and white cat Jess.

Following an online poll, held by Bolts Shetland over the weekend, the kiddie ride has been donated to the Hame Fae Hame nursery, in Scalloway.

Hugh Sim of Bolts said he was sorry to see the ride go, as it had been hugely popular.

However, the introduction of the new one-pound coins over recent month has inadvertently led to Postman Pat being made redundant.

“The new £1 coins unfortunately jamming the mechanism of the ride. There is a slot for 20p coins for one ride and one for a pound to buy five rides. It’s been jammed almost daily,” he said.

He added that the shopping centre had already taken delivery of two new rides, just in time for the busy Christmas shopping season: Fireman Sam and big dumper truck.

Ellie Duncan of Hame Fae Hame said all the tots at the crèche were “very excited” after learning that Postman Pat was coming to stay with them.

“It’s absolutely brilliant news. He will be of great use here. We would like to thank Bolts Shetland for their generosity,” she said.

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