Letters / Time to back your country

How sad it is to see how many have forgotten what their fathers and grandfathers served for with many losing their lives for this country’s freedom against the German invasions.

Both my grandfathers fought in the war with one serving in the first and second and I still have his medals, which I cherish.


What do we have now that we are out of the EU, Angela Merkel still trying to dictate what the UK can and can’t do and it’s an absolute disgrace.

Don’t get me wrong I have NO problem with the German people, it’s their politicians along with other country’s politicians that try to rule the world.

If Nicola Sturgeon thinks she can fool people into believing that going independent will keep her and her party in the EU then she can very much think again.

Scotland has absolutely nothing to contribute to the EU and well she knows it; it’s just one of her little tricks to get her independence.

Also Scotland did not just whitewash the referendum, as at least 38 per cent voted out, so let’s just keep that in mind.

Things are probably going to be a bit harder to begin with, but I, like many others, believe things will get to be a lot better than they have up until now and it’s time to back YOUR Country and not have Germany or anyone else run it.

Michael Mackay