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Letters / Racist planning?

The ongoing attempt by the SIC planning department to explain the grounds for refusing planning permission (BBC Radio Shetland; 26/11/15) for an Italian restaurant outside Brae was a sad example of self justification – and poor arithmetic.

An accurate grasp of figures should be a prerequisite for planning officers, so they need to explain what is more in keeping with climate change policy for those of us in the north of Shetland, especially Yell: a relatively short drive to Brae, or travelling an additional 40 mile round trip to Lerwick, our usual destination, if we want to eat out?

Most of us enjoy the choice of Thai, Chinese, Indian or traditional fare, but if we are to be denied Italian meals, should the planning department report itself for a breach of the Race Relations Act?!

Mike McDonnell
Yell (an island with no catering outlets)