New Fiddle Frenzy curators

Clair White and Eunice Henderson - Photo: Dale Smith

SHETLAND ARTS has announced that Eunice Henderson and Claire White will curate the Fiddle Frenzy festival for the next three years.

The musical duo will take over from sisters Jenna and Bethany Reid, who have programmed the annual event’s workshops and concerts since 2013.

Henderson brings with her a wealth of traditional fiddle teaching experience, having trained pupils in local schools since 1991.


White meanwhile is an acclaimed singer-songwriter and Shetland fiddler who currently performs with the likes of Blyde Lasses and Aberdeen’s Danse McCabre. She also works as a BBC development producer on creative projects.

Shetland Arts’ Lynda Anderson said the organisation is “delighted” to have secured Henderson and White as curators for 2016-18.

“They both hold very strong connections to and great enthusiasm for the history of Shetland traditional fiddle, which is a central component of the Fiddle Frenzy week, and we very much look forward to working with them,” she added.

“We would like also to take this opportunity to say a huge thanks to Jenna and Bethany Reid who have so successfully steered the week for the past three years.”