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Food fit for a princess

Standing at the right of the group with Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall, at Edinburgh's Holyroodhouse palace are (from right) Moira Dobson, Sianlee Lawson, James Spall, Danielle Johnson and Craig Manson. Pic. Peter Adamson

FOUR Brae high school students have returned to the isles after a taste of royalty in Edinburgh when they met Prince Charles and his wife Camilla, the Duchess of Cornwall.

The 14 year olds had been invited to attend Holyroodhouse palace along with pupils from three other Scottish schools taking part in the Cook for the Queen competition, part of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations.

From left: Danielle Johnson, Craig Manson, James Spall and Sianlee Lawson. Pic. Gordon Stove

Craig Manson, Danielle Johnson, James Spall and Sianlee Lawson travelled to the capital with home economics teacher Moira Dobson.

They set up a display featuring the Shetland-style concoctions they had cooked up for the contest, after doing some research into the kind of food considered fit for a Queen.

Their Shetland Northern Delights menu included Princess Bannocks, Lord Pinwheels, HRH Vol au Vents, Regal oatcakes, Jubilee crab, and Royal cheesecake with creamy Shetland fudge. The royal couple also sampled some products from the recently established Shetland Cheese company.

“It was a really good experience, totally informal and centred around the pupils and Camilla was just so interested to talk to the pupils. She spent five or ten minutes with each group,” Mrs Dobson said.

The Duchess remembered her visit to Shetland a few years ago when she joined Charles opening the Shetland Museum and Archives and asked if the weather had improved.

Brae high school is planning a Diamond Jubilee celebration on 4 June when they drop the timetable completely and have royal activities. There will a royal-themed picnic, a tree planting ceremony and each subject area will contribute something to the day.

The school has also taken part in the Cook for the Queen competition with 200 other entries, a large proportion from Scotland. The top four will travel to Buckingham Palace where they will be judged by the royal chef.