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Major ramp failure at Toft

VEHICLE services between Shetland mainland and the north isles were suspended last night (Wednesday) after a major ramp failure at the Toft ferry terminal, at a round 6pm.

A shuttle passenger and vehicle service between Ulsta and Vidlin will be in place as of 8am on Thursday morning operated by the Geira.

Meanwhile, the Fivla will initially operate a passenger only service across Yell Sound to enable people to get re-united with their vehicles. The vessel will then also operate on the Ulsta – Vidlin service until further notice.

Ken Duerden of the council’s inter-island ferry department said last night that the cause of the ramp failure was unknown at this stage.

“We will not know before we get the linkspan plate lifted. There seems to be a problem with the hinge, yes, but whether that is the result of something else or whether that was the cause of it, we don’t know.

“We have two cranes on site that are being assembled now. Once they have been able to lift the plate we will be in a position to say more.”

He said that at this stage it was impossible to say for how long the service would be disrupted.

Regular updates are available on the Yell Sound ferry voicebank on 01595 743 972.