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Letters / Political wasteland

It was a massive tragedy for Shetland that Tom failed by just 806 votes to become our new MSP.

Mrs Wishart did nothing to sort out our slow copper broadband in Rerwick when I presented her with my detailed technical report over two years ago showing how our small community had been lied to by Openreach whilst 2.8km up the road there’s 60Mbps and to the south 30Mbps, and why we were being totally neglected.

At least Tom would have had the balls and the influence to sort this with the Edinburgh, but we’re now stuck with the ineffectual Liberal Democrats and their platitudes who have been stagnating this island for the past 71 years.

Ok, Wishart has the ability to sort some ‘local’ issues for individuals, but when it comes to the ‘big picture’ she’s hamstrung and has little or no influence in Holyrood.

Thanks to a short sighted Liberal Democrat electorate who have little imagination about shaping the future of Shetland by allowing us to be taken into a new and exciting era, they will be responsible for the status quo that will ensure Shetland remains in virtual technical isolation and in a political wasteland and vacuum whilst the rest of Scotland moves forward into a brave new world.

The 19 per cent SNP gain that Tom achieved illustrates the hope that many people had, has now been dashed for another five years of non-action.

The saving grace will be, should we ever have an Indyref#2 and the Scottish vote says “Yes”, Shetland and all those who voted Liberal Democrat will be dragged screaming out of the Union – and there’d be nothing they can do to prevent it. Whoopee!

Kerrie Meyer