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Community / Fundraiser who lost ability to walk, talk and eat raises awareness of rare condition

Laura Nicolson has since made good recovery from her battle with Wilson’s disease and is fundraising for those who helped her through the ‘horrible’ time

IT WAS back in 2019 when Laura Nicolson was diagnosed with a rare genetic condition known as Wilson’s disease.

The condition results in a higher than normal amount of copper being present in the body as it is unable to process and secrete it.

Laura Nicolson on the road to recovery.

The copper can accumulate in organs such as the liver, brain and eyes, with devastating consequences if it is not diagnosed and treated early.

Laura’s symptoms first appeared in 2017, but slowly and progressively worsened.

The 33-year-old, from Aith, experienced dystonia and a constant tremor in her head and limbs, leaving her unable to carry out daily tasks.

And once she started medication, things became worse before they got better.

Laura lost her ability to walk, talk and eat and was admitted to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary in May 2019 for five months.

Since then, Laura has made a remarkable recovery – progress which her specialist said he had never seen before.

She is now fundraising for the Wilson’s Disease Support Group, the Neurology Ward at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary which treated her, and Woodend Neuro Rehabilitation Ward.

More than £4,500 has donated so far, with Laura taking to her bicycle around Shetland to raise funds.

Laura – who was diagnosed at the age of 30 – said she is keen to let more people know about the condition, which affects around one in 30,000 people.

“I am trying to raise awareness of this condition as they say in smaller gene pools, like Shetland, it might be as few as 1 in 7,000 with the condition,” she said.

“I am also wanting to raise money for the charity and the wards that I was in and received such good care.

“I would also like to publicly thank my family and friends that helped me through a horrible time.”

People can donate to Laura’s fundraiser here.