Election 2022 / Marie Williamson

Lerwick North and Bressay

Name: Marie Williamson Electoral Ward: Lerwick North and Bressay Description: Independent

Marie Williamson

My name is Marie Williamson. I’ve been active in Shetland community projects since my 20’s.

I lived in Bressay and loved it, and later, Haldane Burgess Crescent. I’ve worked in Lerwick most of my life. I was senior accounts clerk with Shetland Line for 5 years from the age of 17. I worked at Malden Timber at Norscot 1987/88.

When I was 24, I instigated a youth self-help group. We ran busses to the old Brae hall, and with our members help, raised a lot of funds. We then paid bands to come up from the mainland. This saved the kids money on transport and helped raise money for a new hall. I was also involved setting up a group called The Shetland Unemployed Association. I worked in youth work at Islesburgh then in Whalsay. I was secretary to the Whalsay public hall committee.

After my middle child sustained brain damage in 1998, I researched and created a design for a care unit for children with severe behavioural problems. The social work dept. took my design and set it up in the Bruce hostel a few years later.

At present I work for the Scottish ambulance service. I’ve been there since 2017. I worked in Ronas Ward, Montfield from 2005, and am still active on the wards as a relief bank worker at the GBH, when possible. I’ve seen first-hand how the NHS operates in many areas and would like to see improvements, especially in geriatric care and mental health support.

I was involved with the music scene in Shetland and believe that entertainment should not be side-lined as something that isn’t important, as the entertainment industry in its many forms is something we all enjoy, and it is a huge market.

Music, film, art, sculpture, dancing, writing and all arts and crafts, both in observing and in taking part, is something to be encouraged and supported. It is also great for fundraising for grass roots projects.

The people of Shetland are well known for getting together and creating groups for themselves. At one time in history when a young couple got married, the whole community got a stone and helped build their house. This is not dead in us yet. If the government doesn’t give us what we need we will get together and create it ourselves. I want to be able to help these grass roots projects.

I really care about our Industries such as crofting, fishing, knitting, building and others. I’d like to see Shetland self-sufficient in as many ways as possible. I’d like to see old skills re-developed and innovative new ways to train our young people that we haven’t considered yet. I often think about crofter friends of mine who have never had a proper holiday as there’s no one to take care of their animals.

I hope to make a difference for the good, and I will if I possibly can.

Marie Williamson
Standing for Lerwick North and Bressay


Contact Information

Email: oorionsbelt@hotmail.com


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