Election 2022 / Stephen Leask

Lerwick North and Bressay

Name: Stephen Leask Electoral Ward: Lerwick North and Bressay Description: Independent

Stephen Leask

My name is Stephen Leask and I have proudly represented the Ward of Lerwick North and Bressay for the past five years. During the last tenure I have been one of the highest attendees at meetings, always focusing on the ward I serve. I consider myself very approachable and always endeavour to resolve constituent concerns with haste and efficiency. With much work still to do, and difficult times ahead, I feel an experienced and business astute Councillor is needed. As your number 1 candidate in this election, I will help drive the council, and the Shetland community forward in a prudent, effective and unified manner.

I work part time, as a consultant for the agricultural company Harbro. This in no doubt detracts from my commitment to the people I serve. In fact, it’s advantageous to the farming and crofting community of Lerwick and Bressay. I also have an advisory role with the Scottish Crofting Federation, I am a Council advisor for Living Lerwick (due to my knowledge and experience in the retail and wholesale sector), I was recently asked to be a Trustee of the Shetland Bus Friendship Society, and I write for an agricultural magazine. I have worked in the North of Lerwick for over thirty years, living in Lerwick for approximately fourteen years.

Education is so important to the population, and I have been impressed by the way our community has faced the adversity of the last few years, to commit to the ongoing education of our children and grandchildren. My family have been educated in Lerwick, at the AHS, Sound school and nurseries. My wife, a retired primary teacher, and I are both very active in charity work and enjoy being involved with the communities’ activities, to which my wife is a community councillor.

As a result of Covid-19 more people are walking, cycling and speed limits need reviewing on certain roads. Upgrade public transport, especially maintaining and reinstating rural bus routes, which many communities depend on, and which feed the town centre businesses and shops. Free passenger ferry and bus travel for all.

Put local communities at the heart of healthcare. Oppose the stealth cuts to frontline services for the Elderly, Disabled and Children’s wellbeing, also address the amount of bureaucracy. More funding and provision for those who suffer with mental health. Address the inadequacies of the Lerwick health centre.

Look at areas in which we can stimulate growth in local businesses. Encourage enterprise and entrepreneurial initiatives. Work with the governments of Holyrood and Westminster, in a collaborative, cooperative and complementary way, for successful outcomes for Shetland!

Enhance and encourage our high standards of education, assist and ameliorate our vocational apprenticeships. Working alongside the UHI to provide a quality tertiary educational system, to benefit our industries. Encourage, assist and provide young people with a safe space where they can meet their friends, and take part in activities suited to their needs, be it cooking, sport, music, art……

Protect green spaces and encourage community driven projects to enhance our environment, for the beauty of Shetland. Insulating our housing stock, and private homes. Looking at sustainable and cheaper ways to heat homes. Encourage and assist the extension of the Lerwick district heating system for more homes.

Assist all initiatives to enhance the quality of the Lerwick town centre. Quality CCTV to keep our streets safe. Living Lerwick’s principal aim is to create a more vibrant, viable and sustainable town centre for Lerwick. An ambition worth being part off!

Over the past five years it has been a privilege and an honour for me to represent the Ward of Lerwick North and Bressay at the Shetland Islands Council, and I would be truly humbled if I receive the number [1] vote for the forthcoming election.

My Very Best Wishes
Stephen Leask



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