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Council / Plans to deliver cocktails to the door receive boost at licensing meeting

Jonny Sandison at a Taste of Shetland event.

FRESHLY made cocktails could soon be delivered around central Shetland after a Scalloway man secured a licence for preparing drinks in his home.

Jonny Sandison’s off-sale premises licence application went in front of Shetland’s licensing board on Monday morning.

He said after the meeting that the business venture could be up and running in the next few weeks.

Sandison’s plan is to take orders for cocktails, make them in his kitchen at home in Scalloway and then deliver them to the customer between 6pm and 9pm on Fridays and Saturdays.

The aim is to delivery orders mainly to Scalloway and Lerwick, or places within five miles.

He is well known locally for his mixology, with Sandison – who works at Lerwick Brewery – previously holding cocktail making classes as well as serving up exotic drinks at some venues.

Councillors on the licensing board moved to approve the application, with west member Catherine Hughson proposing it be given.

“I think it’s a young man trying to increase his business,” she said. “We should encourage that in Shetland. We need more like that.”

Her motion to approve was seconded by Shetland North councillor Alastair Cooper.

The meeting also heard that details of deliveries would need to be logged as a record of who is buying, and what alcohol is being sold.

Sandison said after the meeting that it was “excellent” to receive the licence.

“I’ve still got a little bit of organising to do before I’ll be fully ready to go,” he said. “But hopefully in the next few weeks I will be fully up and running.”

So what might be on the first menu? Sandison has not decided yet, but it should offer a mix of tastes.

“It will be three popular classics and another that is something slightly different, a seasonal one,” he said.