Features / Christmas 2020 – Photos from Shetland News readers

2020 WAS A YEAR like no other. Back in the spring when events were cancelled and hopes of a normal summer with friends and family were dashed, we wondered what Christmas would be like. Now, with Christmas over, we can be thankful that Shetland was spared the worst of the outbreak, and we had some careful respite with our loved ones over the festive season.

The chance to decorate and celebrate loomed large in our minds, and you captured the love and the joy, and shared it with Shetland News readers. You sent us your pets, decorations, Christmas trees, festive jumpers, family – and we added them all.



Send us your photos and we’ll add photos here from 13 December 2020. The photos will be viewable permanently in our showcase section. Selected photos may be added to Facebook; we may even use them for our Facebook cover photo.

What are we looking for?

It could be granny snoozing on the sofa, a pet with funny hat, or your cat up hiding in the Christmas tree. How about your kids having fun with their presents, your Christmas table spread, ‘Santa’ putting the presents under the tree on Christmas Eve. The choice is yours.

We leave it to you to celebrate what’s best. Surprise us!

Does it have to be of Christmas day?

Not at all! We’re happy to receive photos from 13 December until 30 December. After all, the magic of Christmas is in the build-up as well as the big day.

Christmas snowman decoration
Are the photos checked before publication? What are the guidelines?

The photos are checked manually by staff before they are put on the site. Any distasteful or otherwise ‘iffy’ photos (or captions) won’t be included and no correspondence will be entered into. Remember, if you have to ask if it is suitable, it probably isn’t.

If you send multiple photos of the same subject, we will choose only one to display. Individuals who abuse this will be temporarily blocked. We won’t guarantee how quickly photos are added – it’s holiday time after all!

Please send us horizontal (landscape aspect) photos if possible. These can be used, without cropping, as a feature image on the site and facebook.

How do I send you my photos?

Add Shetland News as a contact on your phone; alternatively you can use Facebook Messenger (https://facebook.com/shetlandnews) to message us directly, or send an email to gallery@shetnews.co.uk.

Your name as the sender will be given unless you state otherwise, and you can include a short sentence as a description, or place name if desired.

What happens to the photos after Christmas?

This year we’ll be leaving all the photos up on the website. You can ask us to delete them if you don’t want this.

What about privacy, GDPR and copyright?

The photographer retains copyright to the image, but as always, please make sure you are happy to share your photo on the internet. No images online are private and we cannot guarantee they won’t be stored by third parties.

It’s polite to ask the (human) subjects in the frame if they mind you sending the photos to us.

By sending us photos, which may show your name, a caption including a name or anything else which may identify an individual, you are consenting to us displaying the photos as detailed above. If you are not happy sharing, don’t send them!

All emails will be kept on the site after Christmas, in our showcase section on the site. Please see our privacy policy for further details.

Happy snapping!