Hill disputes identity in dock

A WARRANT to ensure self-styled Shetland independence campaigner Stuart Hill appears at Lerwick Sheriff Court was issued on Wednesday – despite the 75 year old standing in the courtroom dock.

Hill, of Orcaquoy, Cunningsburgh, was cited to appear at the court in relation to 30 hours of unpaid work he was given in March after failing to pay a £125 fine.

The fine was given to Hill last year after he was found guilty of vandalising the disused North Bridge Stores in Cunningsburgh on 1 March 2016.

Hill took to the dock but when asked to confirm he was Stuart Hill, he said he was not the person named in the court papers.

“I’m the man commonly known as Stuart,” he said, adding that he was also the man responsible for the actions cited.

“But I’m not the person in the citation,” Hill said.

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank questioned why the 75 year old entered the dock when his name was called out.

“If you’re not the person in the citation then please leave the dock,” the sheriff said before issuing a warrant for Hill, who quickly left the courtroom.

Hill returned to the court in handcuffs from custody on Thursday morning and said he would agree that he was the person in question so that he could go on to challenge the jurisdiction of the court.

Sheriff Cruickshank agreed to give him a hearing on the matter of the court’s jurisdiction on 25 May and released Hill on bail.