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Nursery gets positive report

SKELD Primary School Nursery has received a positive report from inspectors.

It was given a “very good” rating in quality of care and support, as well as quality of environment, after being inspected in late August.

The Care Inspectorate noted that more attention should be given to the outdoor area, and that it should use ordinary liquid hand soap instead of antibacterial hand-wash in toilet areas.

A number of strengths were highlighted, including positive staff-parent relationships, effective communication with other agencies and high quality play resources.

The nursery is located within Skeld Primary School and four children were present on the morning of the inspection.

The Care Inspectorate added that it received positive feedback from parents after sending out a survey.

The report highlighted: “Children were learning very naturally through self-initiated play and investigation using good quality resources and materials.

“They were confident, learning independently and happy in the care of the staff. We observed meaningful well-judged staff interaction with children. It was nice to see staff step back and let the children explore by themselves.

“Staff asked children for their ideas and suggestions, and we saw them listening to their news, stories and views. Children’s work was child-led and celebrated.

“Parents who were asked told us the children were making very good progress. Children’s involvement and progress in learning was monitored using the ‘big book’ and we saw children sitting with an adult discussing their learning during the inspection.”