Woman is praised for helping man who was injured after coming off cherrypicker

Nicola Stove and her husband Magnus, who was flown to Aberdeen for emergency surgery after his accident.

A GOOD Samaritan has been praised for helping a seriously injured man while he waited for an ambulance after he fell off a cherrypicker in Lerwick on Monday.

Forty five year old Magnus Stove was flown to Aberdeen Royal Infirmary for emergency surgery following the fall near Hillhead.

The injured man’s wife, Nicola Stove, said that her husband was “lucky to be alive”. “I can tell you he was catapulted out the basket to a great height, and hit the machine on the way back down,” she said.


Georgia Smith rushed to the scene after noticing it happen and she spoke to the injured man while keeping his head still. She was also on hand to give information to the ambulance staff when they arrived.

“I had just got off the bus at the Islesburgh bus stop and was walking up past the play park when I saw it happen,” the 24 year old said.

Georgia Smith, who has been praised by Magnus' wife Nicola for helping in the immediate aftermath of his accident.

“That’s when I ran up and helped. I was with him until the paramedics took him away in the ambulance.”

Nicola started her an appeal on Facebook to find Georgia in an effort to thank her.

She was quickly brought to her attention and the pair are set to meet up in person soon.

“Georgia is an amazing individual who acted selflessly without a second thought for herself,” Nicola said.

“Her quick response, calm and collected actions in the chaos of the incident meant she took control and did a great job sharing essential information with the police and paramedic crews when they arrived, as well as providing effective immobilisation support to Magnus, reducing any further injury.

“We are very thankful for her quick actions and I’m looking forward to meeting her in person.”