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Court / Jail term for breach of non-harassment order

A FORTY three year old man has been sentenced to six months in prison for breaching the terms of a non-harassment order whilst on bail.

Marcin Olejniczak, of Hill Grind, Lerwick, pleaded guilty to breaching the order when he appeared remotely from custody at Lerwick Sheriff Court on Wednesday.

He had been told by the court to refrain from contacting a woman for 12 months in April this year but breached the order by attending her home address, entering the garden and making contact with her on 17 June.

The offence was exacerbated by being committed six days after he was granted bail

Sheriff Ian Cruickshank said the maximum sentence he could have imposed was 18 months, and Olejniczak’s record showed numerous previous breaches of court orders.

He sentenced him to terms of six months and four months for the two offences, with the terms to run concurrently. The sentence is also backdated to 18 June since when Olejniczak has been in custody.