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Peter Tait

On Wednesday evening 31 March I was asked to respond to journalist queries from Radio Shetland, Shetland News, and the Shetland Times all within about 20 minutes.

I told them all that I had nothing prepared and I did not want to respond at that time. They insisted on getting copy and I made a few short statements.  I have no hard copies of these statements and I am therefore not responding to any subsequent comments.

At no point did I relate corona virus to gay marriage. I do not know how this got traction.

In 2019 election stood on an issue I think God wanted. This time I am standing on an issue that I believe God does not approve of, gay marriage.  What people think is permissible is one thing, what God says is permissible is another.

Single sex relationships, in Gods eyes are a sin.  It is, however, the responsibility of the individual.  However, when you make single sex relationships legal the responsibility for the sin, to a degree, moves from the individual to the state and the wider community becomes guilty.

I believe that gay marriage is a God alienating issue and should not be on the statute book.  It is important because to be a successful nation we need to cultivate a good relationship with God.

In my analysis after the last election, I came to the conclusion something subsequently would happen. I did not know what that might be.  Six months later the covid-19 virus arrived.

You might say that the two issues cannot possibly be related. I don’t know, but it is part of my election experience. I have been unable to get away from the conclusion that the Covid-19 virus has to be seen and accepted for what it possibly is, a well-deserved slap on the wrist.

Democracy may be the way that we govern our society but democracy is not God. God is God, and democracy has no biblical endorsement.  There are only two occasions that I can recall, where, biblically you could argue, that it was used (there may be more) but it did not turn out well. A democratic endorsement of a subject does not make it right.

As far as local social, and economic issues are concerned, I believe that if we get the greater things right the lesser issues will, to a large extent, look after themselves.

My motive is to make this case as best as I can, and as inoffensively as I can.

On the 6 May it goes before the voters, after the 6 May it goes before God.

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