Constituency Candidates / Nick Tulloch

Scottish Conservative and Unionist

Nick Tulloch

If elected as your MSP I will spend the next five years fighting on the issues that I believe really matter for people here.

Above all, that means securing jobs and livelihoods, as our country recovers from the enormous impact of the Covid pandemic.

We cannot hope to retain our young people, and keep our communities strong and sustainable, without well-paying jobs. The SNP’s obsession with independence needs to be shelved and our efforts devoted to economic recovery. We cannot afford distractions at a time like this.

We need to lever the strength of the United Kingdom to create a better future for all our people, just as the UK has delivered a world-beating vaccination programme, and we need to use the resources of the Scottish Government to improve our health service and schools. Wouldn’t it be a great to see our two Governments working together to a common goal?

Here in Shetland I want to see significant improvements in our transport infrastructure especially the ferry service, and give serious consideration to establishing fixed links to some of the islands.

We need to take better advantage of Shetland’s natural strengths, including renewables, and improve our tourism offer.

Crofting and agriculture remains as crucial to our future as it has been in the past. Our crofters and farmers act as custodians for our landscapes and make a vital contribution to the local economy and culture. They deserve support.

I want to see a better future for our fishing industry which I know can prosper outside the EU and the hated Common Fisheries Policy. Any attempt to return us there should be firmly resisted.

And we need to campaign against the SNP’s relentless process of centralisation which has, quite understandably, re-ignited interest in Shetland’s constitutional arrangements. Wherever possible decisions affecting Shetland should be made in Shetland.

For me, it would be a huge honour to serve as MSP for Shetland, for which I feel a special affinity. I can trace my family back to the battlefield of Culloden from where they settled on Fetlar in the 1700s, staying for two centuries.

My own life has also been one of travel. I was brought up in Hong Kong where my father emigrated but subsequently returned to the UK to study law at Oxford, qualifying as a lawyer before a 20 year career in financial services in London and Edinburgh. I have been privileged to have worked with a wide range of different industries but spent much of the latter part of my career specialising in oil & gas, including advising companies operating out of Shetland.

My wife and I re-settled in Scotland 11 years ago and our son and daughter were born here. I now work for myself in business consultancy and I have also founded a health & wellness company.

Subject to ongoing restrictions, I hope to speak to as many local people as possible during the campaign. In the meantime, please don’t hesitate to contact me by email or social media.


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