Election / Greens will focus on regional list at forthcoming election

THE SCOTTISH Greens will not field a local constituency candidate at in the Scottish Parliament election in May and will instead focus on the regional list.

Co-ordinator for the Shetland Greens Martin Randall said last night (Wednesday) that the party was aiming to win two seats via the Highlands and Islands list.


In addition to voting for their local MSP, people in Shetland also have a second vote – for a party, not a candidate – which covers the Highlands and Islands.

That list section, which elects seven regional MSPs, is designed to make the overall result more proportional.

The Greens’ local election campaign will see Debra Nicolson stand as a list candidate. She stood as a Shetland constituency candidate at the parliament’s by-election in August 2019.

Randall said: “Our lead candidates Ariane Burgess and Anne Thomas have both spent time in Shetland and are familiar with the issues Shetlanders care about.


“If elected they will prioritise issues important to Shetlanders including transport, mental health services and boosting local government funding.

“As a result, we will not be putting forward a constituency candidate on this occasion.”

Meanwhile, the SNP’s candidate Tom Wills has issued a short video urging everybody in the isles to get registered to vote and, in the light of the pandemic, to register for a postal vote.

“The best way to make sure your voice is heard is register for postal vote. It is a simple process; you just download the form, fill in your details and send it off,” he said.

“Whoever you vote for, just make sure you vote. It’s your future.”

Details can be found at: https://www.mygov.scot/register-to-vote-scotland/

The only other confirmed parliamentary candidate for the May elections is sitting MSP Beatrice Wishart for the Scottish Liberal Democrats.