Coronavirus / NHS Shetland tests more than 100 for coronavirus last week

THE local health board has undertaken 117 tests for Covid-19 in the seven days from 3 – 9 June.

There were no further positive tests in that period, with the number of people testing positive for the virus stable at 54 since 20 April. However, later this Wednesday, NHS Shetland confirmed it had been made aware of a new positive Covid-19 case in the isles. See our separate story here.


In Scotland there were 12 new confirmed cases of Covid-19 and 12 new reported deaths of people who had tested positive.

A total of 130,104 people in Scotland have been tested through NHS labs to date  of whom 15,665 tested positive for the virus.

The latest statistics published by the National Records of Scotland today showed that there had been 4,000 deaths from coronavirus as of 7 June, with 89 in the week till then, 42 less than the previous week.

Deaths involving COVID-19 as a proportion of all deaths fell to eight per cent in week 23 (the last week for records), having reached 36 per cent in week 17).

According to the Scottish Government 623 were in hospital last night (Tuesday), with 15 in intensive care, plus three more people in intensive care with suspected COVID-19.

Meanwhile, NHS Shetland has produced a 2-minute long video explaining how the Gilbert Bain Hospitals’ outpatient appointment procedure has changed.

Click on the following link to view the video: https://fb.watch/2hHZFFv76e/